Linde Gas Therapeutics, a leading provider of gaseous pharmaceuticals and related medical devices worldwide, has joined the Karolinska Institute and Harvard Medical International in awarding the Gas Enabled Medical Innovations (GEMI) Fund and encouraging research into the field of medical gases.

Valued at $1m, the GEMI fund research grant is shared by 8 researchers including the leading biochemists and medical professors from across Europe and the US and is the only fund of its kind into the field of medicinal products.

Wolfgang Reitzle, CEO of Linde AG, commented, “With the GEMI fund we want to encourage leading medical professionals and scientists to intensify research in the field of medical gases. These research results will empower us to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to help people all over the world.”

One of the business objectives of Linde Gas Therapeutics, part of The Linde Group, is research and the development of innovative therapies that address the clinical use of medical gases. The company has provided a research fund to grant $1m every 2 years since 2003 for the GEMI fund, which is awarded in co-operation with Harvard Medical International of the US and the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm, Sweden