MEECO Inc. is this week demonstrating how attuned it is to the mounting demand for clean solar-grade gas, by introducing its new M-i™ moisture monitor at the Intersolar North America trade show in San Francisco.

The world’s first mini P2O5-based moisture monitor, the M-i, is the world’s smallest, lowest-cost absolute moisture monitor – offering proven stability, precision, and repeatability.

A breakthrough in mini-sensors, the M-i packs high-powered clean technology into a small, innovative and affordable package. Designed for fixed gas applications, the M-i measures an ideal range of 500 ppb (parts-per-billion) to 1000 ppm (parts-per million). Utilising MEECO’s proven electrolytic technology, the new device is palm-sized and provides continuous, no-drift, on-line moisture analysis at a low cost (under $2,000).

Renowned for reliability and innovation, MEECO has manufactured durable, high-quality gas analysers for industry since the company’s founding in 1948.