Cold Jet

With more than 29 years of experience, Cold Jet is the leading global provider of high capacity, quality on-site dry ice manufacturing equipment, serving both industrial gas and end-user companies around the world. Cold Jet’s dry ice production equipment has been engineered to extrude the highest density dry ice available. Due to their proprietary knowledge of dry ice, Cold Jet’s process creates a longer shelf life, better transportability and offers better blasting performance. Cold Jet pelletizers can be equipped with multiple dies to produce a range of extrusion sizes (3mm to 19mm available on most machines). From nuggets to pellets, Cold Jet Pelletizers offer a broad range of solutions.

Superior Cold Jet benefits include:

  • · 24 hour a day, 7 day a week reliability
  • · Fully automated, one-button operation
  • · Best output to footprint ratio available
  • · Highest liquid to solid conversion rate
  • · Made to UL, USDA, FDA, CE standards

Cold Jet global headquarters are located in Loveland, Ohio, with international operations in Europe, Asia, Canada and Mexico. For more information, visit or call 0032 13 539 547.


VBS Trade is the exclusive MENA distributor of Vacuum Barrier Corporation, a leading manufacturer of liquid nitrogen transfer systems based in the United States.

As a leading supplier of liquid nitrogen transfer systems since 1978, we have an in depth knowledge of a number of specialized cryogenic processes.

By the end of the nineties, Vacuum Barrier started supplying liquid nitrogen dosing systems for the beverage and expanded its activities.

Today we supply liquid nitrogen- and solid CO2-systems to the food- and beverage industry, closed loop systems for the manufacture of semiconductor devices (MBE), piping systems for test handlers and environmental chambers, food freezing tunnels and many other applications.

VBS Trade works closely together with VBS Europe especially for service purposes. Our field service engineering team has grown over the last years to offer an excellent quality service to our customers.

Our sales and service activities cover all European countries, Middle East, Africa, India and Russia. In many areas, our presence is supported locally by trained professionals.