Smith Precision Products Company has been the global leader in liquefied gas transfer since 1938, manufacturing a wide array of positive displacement pumps, bypass valves, and strainers. For over 60 years, the company has provided liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) pumps for low pressure applications such as bulk transfer, trailer loading/unloading, and recirculation type systems.

Smith Precision Products also specialises in the transfer of LPG, anhydrous ammonia, refrigerants, coolants, diesels and several other liquid services.


Nebimak entered the LPG market in 1991 with the purpose of producing, selling and servicing LPG equipment. The company provides services to leaders such as Aygaz, Ipragaz, BPgas, Total Oil, Mogaz, and Shellgas among others, and served Total Oil as the official service company for domestic and autogas systems.

Nebimak exports machines manufactured within the company and since 1999 has been importing and selling well-known brands and is a distributor of Smith Pumps, RegO Cryogenics, ROCHESTER, ACD Cryo, GODDARD, CORKEN,WHESSOE, GOK Regler und Armaturen, SENSOR-SYSTEMS, and AES (Alternate Energy Systems) products in Turkey.

The company provides a wide range of products for cryogenics, LPG and industrial gas applications, including:

  • · LPG terminals and depots
  • · Medium transfer equipment, pumps and compressors
  • · NEBIMAK LPG/ammonia/CO2 vaporizers
  • · Complete domestic stems and equipment
  • · Complete autogas filling stations and equipment
  • · Cryogenics/LPG/industrial gas tank and delivery tank accessories and equipment
  • · Level gauge systems
  • LPG/air mixing systems