Mercedes-Benz has recruited the help of Linde to facilitate the F-CELL World Drive, an endurance trip which will see three B-Class F-CELL hydrogen powered fuel cell cars power right across the world.
Throughout the tour, Linde will supply mobile hydrogen for the zero-emissions F-CELL models.
The global drive was set to begin on 30th January, leaving from Stuttgart, Germany. Organisers expect the 30,000 km trip to be completed in around 125 days. Professor Dr Wolfgang Reitzle, CEO of Linde AG was excited by the prospect. He commented, “We are excited at the opportunity to partner with Mercedes-Benz and help showcase the capabilities of hydrogen-powered cars.”
Reitzle added, “Many years of experience in hydrogen technologies make us the partner of choice for both stationary and mobile refuelling facilities – even in the most challenging environments. Through projects such as the F-CELL World Drive, we are helping to accelerate the widespread establishment of a hydrogen infrastructure.”
In order to accommodate the tour, Linde and Mercedes-Benz co-developed a new mobile 700 bar refuelling unit based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The facility allows hydrogen compression and refuelling whilst on the move. The unit is specifically designed with a compact footprint for easy transport by air.
Linde has not only agreed to supply around 18,000 cubic metres of hydrogen, but also developed the entire H₂ supply and logistics concept for the 400 or so refuelling stops planned around the globe.
Daimler and Linde are enjoying a close working partnership promoting the use and supply of hydrogen over the forthcoming years. For example, both have enjoyed active involvement in the ‘H₂ Mobility’ initiative, which began in 2009.