Following the announcement that the Japan Industrial Gas Association and Japan Medical Gas Association were to merge and integrate as one body, the Japan Industrial and Medical Gases Association (JIMGA) has initiated its operations as of 1st October.

The new JIMGA organisation, now underway, is composed of 1000 member companies, of which 340 companies are from the former JIGA and 660 are from the former Japan Medical Gases Association.

Hioshi Taguchi, chairman of both JIGA and the Japan Medical Gas Association, told the Gas Review, “By merging the 2 organisations, the industrial division and the medical division now act in common.”

“If we fix our sights on the new system of medical gas as a medical product, and also on coping with globalisation amidst the trend toward the standardisation of all the gases, the industrial gas organisation which accounts for most of the Japanese gas producers and the medical gas association which is composed of gas distributors must merge just as the US and European organisations.”