Messer BH Gas, a Bosnian branch of the German industrial gases producer Messer Group, has gained approval to continue the supply of carbon dioxide (CO2) to PepsiCo until the end of 2020.

PepsiCo is one of Messer’s key customers, providing it with high quality liquid CO2 for beverage production. Their approval is one of the most prestigious in the world in the beverage industry. 

Messer’s Sočkovac subsidiary, which has been producing CO2 since 2012, has now reached full capacity. Messer will therefore be opening a new well which will enable the company to begin exporting CO2 to customers in Croatia, Serbia, and other countries.

The new production facility, worth $3.0m, is a worthwhile investment that Valentin Ilievski, General Director of Messer BH believes will be a strategic move for the company due to its necessity in various industries.