A member of the European Road Safety Charter since June 2008, the Messer Group demonstrated its commitment to safety by signing the European Charter and has now outlined a number of its objectives.

Messer set a deadline of 2009 to achieve these objectives which will include the drawing up of a new manual for the safe transportation by road of industrial and medical gases. The manual will contain instructions, standards and guidelines for the safe transportation of the gases and will be distributed through the drivers of the group.

The company also plans to focus on the introduction and distribution of improved training material for driver training, as well as driver safety brochures in all European languages. In addition, every HGV driver will take part in a standard training course focussing on transferring cryogenic gases and emergency procedures.

By developing and introducing a new system for compiling statistics, the company plans to motivate the management to improve transport safety. The focus of the statistics will be on the cause of incidents as well as performance indicators (incidents/ 1 million km), which will be used to gauge the effectiveness of the road safety measures.

The objectives are part of a continued emphasis on safe and secure transportation, as well as the cautious behaviour of employees and tanker drivers. According to the Messer Group, the objectives of increasing safety awareness and enhancing knowledge of risks are just as important as looking at ways of improving safety measures. For Messer, involving employees in the objectives is seen as ‘crucial’ to its success.