AGA, subsidiary of Linde, has acquired Messer Suomi Oy, the Finnish industrial gases company in the Messer Group.

\\$quot;The acquisition was a natural step for us when Messer decided to leave the Finnish market,\\$quot; said Pauli Toiviainen, marketing & sales manager of AGA, emphasising that there will be no disadvantages for the customers because of the acquisition.

\\$quot;Due to the lack of synergies with other companies within Messer Group, management has decided to exit from Finland and dispose our shares in Messer Suomi Oy\\$quot;, says Stefan Messer, CEO and owner of Messer.

During the transition period Messer Suomi Oy will continue its daily business. Over time the company will be integrated in Oy AGA Ab.

Messer Suomi Oy had a turnover of €8,7 million in year 2005 and 36 employees.