Messer has concluded a co-operation agreement with Hangzhou Hanyang Co. Ltd. in China to build an ASU.

Meanwhile, in Eastern China the foundation was laid for the construction of a hydrogen plant and an ASU worth $15 million US dollars and a day earlier, an ASU and gas filling plant in Foshan was inaugurated in the province of Guangdong.

The Messer group will in future have essential part of its cryogenic plants for the production of industrial gases constructed in China. The co-operation between Messer and Hangzhou Hangyang Co. Ltd. in Hangzhou provides both for the delivery of components for ASUs and the exchange of know-how for the improvement if the efficiency and potential of ASPs. Hangzhou is Chinas largest manufacturer of ASUs.

Commenting on the agreement, Stefan Messer CEO of the Messer Group said, \\$quot;This partnership offers us new perspectives in plant constructiona new production plant for 40,000 norm cubic meters per hour for our works in Smederevo in Serbia-Montenegro is currently in preparation.\\$quot;

Three more orders of ASU from Hangyang have been placed for construction next year in Spain and at two further locations in China.

In the Jiangsu Yangtze Chemical Industry Park in Zhanjiagang in eastern China, the Messer group have invested $15 million US dollars. The foundation stone has been laid for a hydrogen plant with a volume of 4,000 cbm/h. The gases produced will be for the use of a Malaysian firm called Taiko Palm-Oleo Co. Ltd. which is based in Zhangjiagang. An ASU will be constructed in the second stage of the project.

In Foshan in the province of Guangdong, Messer have commissioned a gas filling works and an ASU. The ASU has already achieved its designed capacity of around 200t/d of atmospheric gases. With an increase in GDP of over 16 percent in Foshan, Messer are gearing themselves up for increased delivery to its customers in the lighting, electronics and processing industries.