The Messer Group is planning to expand its successful scheme in Serbia which has seen them support the training of welding engineers as well as offering scholarships for students.
Since 2007, Messer has been supporting the training of welding engineers at the Technical University in Belgrade.

Moreover, Messer in collaboration with Castolin, have built a joint laboratory for welding and metal coating, which is also used as a venue for international seminars. Practical demonstrations are also carried out as part of the training programme and have proved to be immensely popular.

The scheme, which runs in conjunction with the university and the Ministry of Education, is now being further strengthened. In order to provide broad support for the new subject area, Messer is also promoting the expanded educational programme for holders of a vocational baccalaureate diploma in mechanical engineering.

In addition, the new subject area has been introduced at five mechanical engineering schools throughout Serbia. All five schools have been equipped with welding machines, cutting and welding sets and pressure regulators. Castolin have also provided the university with a flame spray gun with the gases for its use being supplied by Messer.