Messer Hungarogáz has been an active player in the Hungarian market since 1989 and is one of the country\\$quot;s leading producers of industrial gases. Messer Hungary has headquarters in Budapest and Ölbő and supply customers throughout the country.

An air separation plant, two acetylene plants, two hydrogen production facilities, and several filling plants for cylinder gases make up the backbone of the company, which operates over 120 gas centres throughout Hungary. A CO2 plant in the western Hungarian city of ÖlbÅ‘ is operated in a joint venture with the state-owned energy and oil company MOL. This facility produces highly purified carbon dioxide for use in the demanding food industry. Specialists in the \\$quot;˜European Control Centre\\$quot; at the headquarters in Budapest monitor and manage a total of ten on-site facilities. These are located in Hungary as well as at other major customers of its European sister companies.

The calibration laboratory for gas analysis at Messer Hungarogáz was recognised as an officially accredited lab, making them the first and only testing laboratory.

Currently the company has eight filling and production plants and eight onsite plants at customer sites. The company also has one CO2 production site in a joint venture with MOL and a distribution network consisting of more than 120 gas centres.

Johann Ringhofer///

Messer Hungary has a strong position in the country and according to chief executive manager, Johann Ringhofer the company has a 40 per cent share of the Hungarian industrial gas market, more then 130 gases and gas mixtures and more than 300 applications.

Turnover, growth and future investment
The net turnover reached €42,467m in the last financial year; this amounts to a 7.1 per cent increase compared to the 2004 result of €39,089m.

In 2005 the company had €4,044m investments from which a significant sum was expended on the pipeline that connected Messer Hungarogáz with GE Hungary Rt. (General Electric), on the on-site plant at Ibiden in Dunavarsány and on the nitrogen generator at Bosch Hungary in Hatvan. Furthermore, there were investments realised mainly in the fields of liquid tanks, vehicles and other production equipments.

Targeted investments in 2006 are in amount of €5,181m. This target is to be invested in the modernisation of production and filling plants, expansion of on-site production (building new on-site plants), investing in new distribution equipments (tanks, cylinders, etc.), and a centre of expertise for welding technology.