A joint venture between Messer Group and Estonian industry is creating large domestic gases production for use in the Russian food packaging industry.

Based in Kharkov, Ukraine the autogenous factory produces a wide range of gases and gases mixtures to offer clients. The company say these gases mixtures are able to not only substantially improve quality of the autogenous welding of metals, but also reduce expenses. The company's gases are now used for the transporting of food, packing of sausages, mineral and soda water.

The demand for new type of gases is great both in Ukraine and in Russia. Following a technical update in recent years the Kharkov autogenous factory has permanent customers for technical gases across Russia. The German company Elme Messer Ukraine took part in the modernization of plant, which the joint German-Estonian company founded.

The GAAS MESSER ELME company which is the common enterprise of GRUPP BLRT and Gmb GROUP MESSER, in 2005 bought 93% actions back of JSC $quot;Kharkov autogenous plant$quot;, thus began to work at the Ukraine market on the production and sale of industrial and medical gases. Meantime, Ukraine market is the largest buyer of the $quot;Kharkov autogenous plant$quot;. There are 15 branches of plant operate in the different regions of Ukraine.

General director of «Messer Elmer Ukraine» LTD., General director of «Kharkov autogenous factory», Vladimir Zolotarev told that due to foreign investments now plant functions normally. This year and next year investors plan to inlay a 3 million euro in new technologies