Messer is helping customers to keep their food products cool, as it delivers gases for a variety of food applications and has recently developed innovative new technologies for such services.

Grapecool is the name of a new, transportable system that Messer has developed in cooperation with DF AGRI, based in Siena, Italy, to help keep grapes chilled and eventually contribute to a light, fruity and aromatic variety of wine.

The system involves a bed of CO2 snow that keeps the grapes cool in a dump truck immediately after harvesting, thereby preventing overheating. This ensures there is no premature fermentation on the way to processing and furthermore, damaged grapes are protected against oxidation and contamination.

An aromatic and less acidic wine can be produced as a result and Messer notes that well-known producers of Chianti in Tuscany could soon be benefiting from the advantages of the Grapecool system too.

Meanwhile in Lithuania, the company is also providing CO2 snow for food & beverage production of a different kind – that of mushrooms!

Lithuanian compost producer ‘Baltic Champignons’ supplies Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Polish and Russian mushroom growers with a special compost that is ideally suited to mushroom growing. During transportation, the temperature of the compost (which is permeated with mushroom spores) must not exceed a permitted maximum, as the spores could die.

Messer’s CO2 coolant helps to stop natural fermentation in the compost and keep its temperature constant, with the ‘snow’ cooling the compost and preserving the mushroom spores during transportation to the customer.