Keen to promote knowledge and understanding of industrial gases and how they should be handled, the Messer Group is now hosting a German encyclopedia known as ‘GaseWiki’ which focuses on oxygen, nitrogen and a number of other gases.

GaseWiki is available on the Internet to all users free of charge at and the company hopes to establish a comprehensive reference work dealing with all aspects of gases and how and where they are used.

The industrial gas producer’s objective is to increase interest in chemistry and technology, especially amongst school and university students. Industrial gases are, as we know, as important as water and power in the production of a large number of products.

Diana Buss, spokesperson of the Messer Group, explains the company’s vision behind the project, “We have consciously chosen a knowledge platform on the Internet. This medium’s speed and diversity often means that learners prefer it to classical reference works. Nonetheless, we still value the latter, of course, and will continue to support publishing houses with our contributions.”

Large and small competitors on the market are also requested to pass on general knowledge of the production and application of industrial gases in GaseWiki and encouraged to ‘edit’ or contribute to the site. As the provider, Messer has decided to include a neutral logo on the encyclopaedia’s web pages to promote wider participation.

The GaseWiki URL had previously been used for Messer’s German subsidiary – which has operated under the name Messer Industriegase Deutschland since May 2008 – following a contractual ban on using the brand.

Messer also notes that in no way is the site attempting to compete with its bigger role
model Wikipedia and is instead aiming to provide an educational, awareness-raising forum for information.