The Messer Group is at the forefront of industrial development in Slovenia as the family-run business officially opened its first oxygen (O2) plant in the country today.

CEO Stefan Messer was joined by Messer Slovenia’s General Director Valentin Iievski, the Minister of Economic Development and Technology Zdravko Počivalšek and CEO of Messer Technogas and Vice-President of the Southeastern European region Ernst Bode at the event, held earlier today.

The building of the 9,500 m2 complex cost approximately €20m and the factory will produce several technical gasses which are used in practically every sphere of life, from medicine, pharmacy, welding, ecology, as well as steel and glass industries.

“I’m overjoyed that our company is one of the driving forces behind the industrial development in Slovenia,” Stefan Messer enthused. “It also pleases me that our O2 plant will be the focal point, around which everyone is gathered that needs this gas for their work, production, and life. With today’s event, the factory is officially open and the Messer group has successfully concluded our biggest investment.”

The O2 plant is of immense importance for the Slovenian economy and seeing how much demand there is for O2 and other technical gases, General Director of Messer Slovenia Valentin Ilievski also expressed his satisfaction that the project is concluded.

“I am proud to be standing here in front of our new and modern O2 plant, the first that Messer has built in Slovenia. To build such a large and modern complex nowadays is much more than a mere investment. It will yield good results.”

“These new production capacities will enable us to be a better business partner to the companies we work with, and for all the buyers of technical and special gasses, which there are more than 3,500 in Slovenia,” he said.

The group is celebrating 120 years and has been present in Slovenia for 25 years.