Messer is looking strong as 2008 financial figures show steady growth in sales and profit.

After divulging the information to gasworld journalists last month, Messer has now officially released details of its performance over what proved to be a very difficult year for many companies the world over.

Net sales were €795m, and EBITDA was €172m, compared to €705m and €154m respectively in 2007.
The EBITDA margin was the same as the previous year, standing at 22%.

The number of employees increased by 316, making a total of 4,696, and investments rose from €173m in 2007, to €194m.

In a breakdown of its figures, the leading product group was cylinders gases, occupying 35% of sales, and going by industry segment, basic metals, glass and ceramics came out top with 23%.

In terms of net sales by region, Eastern and Central Europe led at €397m, followed by Western Europe at €264m.