Messer will strengthen its commitment to diversity in the workplace and increase the share of women in its management team over the medium to long term, the world’s largest family-run industrial gases specialist said in its first Diversity Report.

The initiative was launched by Marcel Messer, fourth-generation owner and Advisor to the Management Board, who said, “A monitoring helps us achieve our objectives.”

Messer said the proportion is already on the right track on its Supervisory Board, with Nathalie von Siemens and Heike Niehues, Member of the Management Board of Webasto, filling two out of the six supervisory board positions.

“We must keep working continuously now to bring more female colleagues into leadership positions,” Stefan Messer, CEO of Messer, said, “and that’s not easy. There are many well-qualified women, but unfortunately not so many who are willing to take on management responsibility.”

Nevertheless, Messer’s Diversity Report already indicates a positive trend: at the company’s Central European subsidiaries, the share of women in the first and second levels of management has already risen from 28.3% in 2018 to 38% in 2019.

Now Messer is planning to conduct targeted training seminars for managers and employees and to promote women in the second and third levels in order to increase the influence of women in management over the long term.

The Diversity Report, which will now annually present key figures from diversity management and be continually expanded, also shows charts on age structure, length of service and internationality.

Messer’s Diversity Report can be viewed or downloaded here.

gasworld will publish an exclusive interview with Stefan and Marcel Messer in December, as part of our A Christmas Twist: The 12 Days of Content series. Look out for it on the website later this month.