The world’s largest privately-managed industrial gases company, The Messer Group, has received a myriad of safety awards from the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA).

Several geographical branches of the group were bestowed with the prizes, receiving the awards for safety and accident-free periods of operation.

Messer France did the double and received a Gold EIGA Award after 20 years of accident-free procedures at its Creil site in the north of the country, and a Silver Safety Award for 10 years of accident-free operations at its subsidiary’s site, Carbon-Blanc, in the south west.

Messer group saftey awards france

Source: The Messer Group

Marco Annoni, president of the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA), and Dr. Hans-GerdWienands, Chief Financial Officer of Messer, at the awarding of the EIGA Safety Award for exemplary work safety in Berlin.

Messer’s Russian subsidiary in Kaliningrad also scooped a Gold EIGA Safety Award, following 15 years without an incident, whilst Messer’s Hungarian branch received a Silver EIGA Safety Award for 10 years of accident-free operations at its Györ facility.

The German-based business was then awarded two Bronze EIGA Safety Awards for five accident-free years at both its Nyiregyhaza production site in Hungary and its Salzgitter production facility in Germany.

Additionally, Messer presents its own safety award once a year, with the 2016 title going to Messer Spain. Its outfits in Hungary and Macedonia received runner-up recognitions.

Criteria for this title include: zero accidents in the last two years, zero fatal accidents in the last five years and zero accidents during gas transportation or resulting in environmental pollution.

Hans-Gerd Wienands, Chief Financial Officer, described, “The awarding of the annual safety award for outstanding work, safety and exemplary safety awareness to the best Messer companies is part of Messer’s safety campaign.”