Celebrating 120 years in business and taking over the majority of Linde’s activities in the US are two 2018 highlights from the Messer Group.

The German corporation today released its 2018 annual financials, reporting “the best financial year” in the company’s history to date.

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Source: Messer

According to the results, Messer has “doubled in size” as a result of acquisitions and concluded the financial year with a “more positive balance sheet”.

Messer said its consolidated turnover increased by about 10% from €1.2bn in 2017 to €1.35bn in 2018. The company achieved an EBITDA of €370m, equating to an increase of around 26%.

The businesses of Messer in China and Vietnam made a significant contribution to growth with an increase in sales of approximately 27% and 18% respectively.

The family run business said the highlight of 2018 was the agreement with Linde and Praxair to take over businesses in the America that had to be sold due to antitrust requirements.

In March 2019, Messer, together with finance partner CVC Capital Partners, took over a major part of Linde’s activities in the US, as well as the entire Linde companies in Brazil, Canada and Colombia, and Praxair’s Chilean company. As a result, Messer will double its business volume.

Stefan Messer: Asset acquisition ’biggest decision I have ever made’

CEO Stefan Messer enthused, “We have captured new fields of business and markets, invested in growth and supply reliability and focused on the requirements of our customers.”

“This approach in 2018 has given us the best financial year in our company’s history to date.”

Sustainable investment and actions

In the 2018 financial year, the investments of the Messer Group amounted to approximately €240m and mainly related to the construction of air separation plants in Vietnam and production facilities in Hungary and China.

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Source: Messer

“Through forward-looking investments, we ensure our self-reliance and independence,” explained Dr. Uwe Bechtolf, Chief Financial Officer of the Messer Group.

“By doing so, we provide our employees, business partners and finance partners long-term security in working together.”

In Germany, Messer is constructing a new production facility for atmospheric gases in Speyer, as well as a facility to produce hydrogen in Castrop-Rauxel.