Affirming its confidence in the gases business of Central & Eastern Europe, the Messer Group has told gasworld it is not only investing in production plants in the region, but in distribution equipment too.

“Messer has been active in South Eastern Europe for more than 20 years now,” explained Ernst Bode, Senior Vice-President South Eastern Europe.

“The markets of the region are by now established and relatively stable. Despite the relatively low prices of industrial and medical gases compared to the Central & Western European markets we are able to deliver a satisfying profitability due to lower costs and a healthy market presence and therefore, the cost-effective logistical structures as a result.”

Keen to build on this firm foothold in the region and the ‘satisfying profitability’ that it brings, Messer is investing time and resource in expansion of its capabilities – in terms of both production and distribution.

In the so-called Central Europe region alone, Messer operates in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic Countries. With high market shares in every country and an early market entry in almost all of these countries, Messer is a well-known and respected brand in the country.

The company has secure product supplies in the field of bulk and cylinder gases, based on its own sources, broad synergies between gas and welding activities in each country, and in Austria has a specialty gas filling station and technical centre for gas applications.

But why stop there? Not content with its existing network of operations though, Messer is keen to keep building. Bode told gasworld, “For the future we plan to proportionally participate in the market growth and to further strengthen our presence in the eastern and southeastern countries of the region.”

Dirk Fünfhausen, Senior Vice-President for Central Europe, added confidently, “In recent years Messer has invested mainly in new production units to increase independence from competitor supplies, building sufficient product volumes for future growth and aiming to improve own operational performance.”

“Examples are our state-of-the-art ASU in Rybnik, Poland to supply the Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia markets with LOX/LIN and LAR, or the acquisition of the LN2O source in Ostrava, Czech Republic, to supply the whole central region.”

Fünfhausen concluded, “Beside these investments in production facilities, Messer is majorly investing in distribution equipment like new semi-trailers and modern cylinders, including 300 bar bundles and tanks for bulk supply.”