Messer Group will use the Schweissen & Schneiden trade fair to provide information to visitors about its methods of gas supply, potential for savings, service provision and new applications for processing of materials and lasers.

Held in Düsseldorf from 25th to 29th September 2017, the company will also be exhibiting its ternary shielding gases for welding and informing the public about its new, practically oriented service provision.

With the help of demonstrations by its specialists, Messer is showing the varied areas of application for its products and providing information about potential savings to be made by using ternary mixtures in cylinders.

Bernd Hildebrandt, responsible for the cutting and welding department at Messer, stressed, “It’s about more than just cylinders of gas. Instead the focus is on a new form of customer satisfaction. We want all of our customers to have the feeling that we are just the right partner for them.”

He continued, ”And because a feeling is made up of more than just a huge selection of different gases or even the fact that they are of the finest quality, we have now developed and implemented a range of services for our cylinder gases which is based on practical requirements.”

Furthermore, the industrial gas specialist will be demonstrating the customisation potential for gas delivery. Individual cylinders or bundles cover small gas needs, while stand tanks, on-site systems or even pipelines handle requirements for large quantities.