The Messer Group will be working with SALVIA medical, supplier of equipment for clinical ventilation and respiratory therapy, to provide a joint service package for therapy with inhaled nitric oxide (NO).

NO therapy is used in intensive care in combination with appropriate metering, monitoring equipment, as well as clinical ventilation.

Among the parameters monitored are the concentrations of oxygen and methaemoglobin in the blood as well as the patient’s general vital signs. NO and nitrogen dioxide concentrations are also measured.

University hospitals as well as private and public hospitals across Germany stand to benefit from this partnership.

Matthias Thiele, who is in charge of medical gases at Messer, said, “In future, all customer requirements will be met hand in hand with our partner: from consultancy, individual planning and user safety training through to the supply of the medicinal product and the relevant therapy equipment including service and maintenance.”

Inhaled nitric oxide therapy must take into account both the gas as a medicinal product and the metering and monitoring equipment which guarantees a safe and precise administration to the patient. Therapy is only possible with both components.

SALVIA medical’s many years of experience in ventilation therapy complements Messer’s expertise in the field of gases.

The partnership aims to exploit synergistic effects and facilitate optimal supply for medical facilities.

Both companies are specialists in the field of inhaled nitric oxide therapy.

SALVIA medical has been developing and producing life-supporting systems for clinical use for more than 50 years and is one of the global technology leaders in its field. A key area of the company’s work is the development of intensive care ventilation and respiratory therapy equipment for use in intensive care and acute treatment units.