Messer will debut its innovations at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) which will take place in Atlanta between 28th-30th January (2020).

At the event, Messer will showcase its new ‘Hot Products’ freezer and a precision cryogenic control system for mixer chilling. 

“As meat and poultry processors increase production, our food team can help take them to the next level of productivity, often while improving food quality and safety,” said Chris Ebeling, Executive Vice-President for Sales & Marketing, US Bulk at Messer.

The ‘Hot Products’ freezer, is suitable for sealing in moisture and increasing yield of cooked products such a marinated chicken wings, breasts and fillets while preventing ice from impacting operations.

By combining cryogenic and crossflow technologies, the tunnel freezer can reduce dehydration losses by up to five times that of mechanical methods and up to three time that of conventional cryogenic freezers. 

Messer Hot Products Freezer

Source: Messer

Messer’s advanced control system, which will also be displayed at the event, ensures cryogen is matched to each batch and flow to each bottom injector for consistent temperatures across every batch, taking the operator guesswork out of mixer chilling. 

Coupled with Messer’s hygienic KRYOJECTOR™ injectors, the new control system can contribute to food safety while reducing cycle times.

Messer will be located at booth #B4035 at the IPPE event.