Messer Group is to demonstrate its MegaPack C4 cylinder gas bundle for the first time at this year’s EuroBlech exhibition in Hanover, Germany from 25th – 29th October.

Messer’s focus during its exhibition at the event will be on showcasing the savings potential for welding processes.

The company will tackle this important topic through the presentation of its ternary shielding gases for welding, and an exploration of how overall production costs can be effectively reduced by selecting a gas and type of supply appropriate to requirements and an optimal shielding gas feed.

It will also debut the MegaPack C4 for the first time, a more compact version of the MegaPack cylinder gas bundle launched by Messer in 2013. The cylinder gas bundle set new standards both in the areas of safety, efficiency, ergonomics and sustainability as well as in terms of design; the new model is significantly smaller than the original MegaPack while offering the same capacity.

The C4 model is also available in the successful Duplex version, which facilitates gas withdrawal at a supply pressure of 200 as well as 300 bars without the need for cost-intensive retrofitting.