Family-owned industrial gas company Messer has expanded its operations following the commission of an argon production plant based on unused residual gases from the ammonia synthesis process at a site operated by leading Slovakian chemical company, Duslo.

During ammonia synthesis, various gases are produced including methane, nitrogen, and syngas. Argon is another and is considered useful for recovery due to its common application as a shielding gas in welding. 

Stating that the project is allowing Messer to demonstrate its technical competence when it comes to delivering innovative solutions, Michal Pa’la, Managing Director, Messer Slovakia, added, “The fact that we are now producing high-quality argon on site in Slovakia also increases the security of supply for our customer.” 

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are also mitigated during the process as, when operating at full capacity, the shorter distances involved in truck deliveries mean that CO2 emissions are reduced by 1.4 metric tonnes per day. 

Commenting on the commission, Johann Ringhofer, CTO, Messer SE, said, “This investment will allow us to increase our argon capacities and thus further strengthen our market position in this segment.