Messer has developed a series of videos demonstrating the gas-assisted process steps of additive manufacturing to showcase at Formnext Connect.

Due to Covid-19, the additive manufacturing trade fair will be held online in 2020 from 10th to 12th November.

Messer will show the videos at the event and its experts will address application-specific questions in the context of virtual meetings.

From powder production and powder transport, to the actual 3D printing itself and post heat treatment, shielding and process gases are required in all major processing steps of 3D printing.

This also applies to Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing, which derives from welding: the raw material consists of a welding rod rather than powder.

Messer 1

Source: Messer

Selection and use of the gases play a decisive role in product quality and are a major factor in process efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The choice of gases here depends on the material and the process.

For additive manufacturing, Messer offers its specially developed product range “Addline”. It includes gases for conveying and cooling, and for the additive manufacturing process itself, as well as for the removal of powder residues.

In most cases, post-processing heat treatment in a protective gas atmosphere is also required after the printing process.