Tomorrow night skylines around the world will go dark as millions, including Messer, celebrate WWF’s Earth Hour to spark global awareness and action on nature and the environment.

From the Eiffel Tower to the Empire State Building, and the Bird’s Nest Station to Burj Khalifa, thousands of landmarks will switch off their lights in solidarity for the planet, urging individuals, businesses and governments worldwide to move forward the conservations and solutions needed to build a healthy, sustainable future for all.

As the planet faces the dual challenge of climate change and staggering loss of nature, the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment aims to mobilise unprecedented global action on biodiversity and nature by kick-starting global conversations on issues such as healthy forests, plastic-free oceans and wildlife conservation.

Family run industrial gases specialist Messer will turn off the lights at all its sites in Germany for one hour tomorrow night at 8.30pm.

Messer group

Source: Messer

In the past decade, Earth Hour has inspired millions to support and participate in critical climate and conservation projects led by WWF and many others, helping drive climate policy, awareness and action worldwide.

Among its highlights, the movement has helped ban all plastics in the Galapagos in 2014, plant 17 million trees in Kazakhstan, light up homes with solar power in India and the Philippines and push new legislation for the protection of seas and forests in Russia.

Today, as biodiversity loss threatens global ambition on climate action and sustainable development, Earth Hour will focus its efforts on building mainstream support for action on biodiversity and nature.