The Messer Group has just released its 2015 full year financial results, in which the industrial gas corporation has recorded a double-digit sales increase despite the sluggish economy.

The German corporation showed a total global sales increase of 11%, turning over a consolidated revenue of €1.16bn ($1.3bn) and achieving an operating profit of €252m ($286m) for fiscal year 2015.

This is an increase in operating profit of €11.4m ($13m) compared to the previous year, despite the current, challenging economic climate.

In the last financial year, the family-owned company revealed it made investments totalling €142m ($161m) in various projects, mainly concerning the construction and modernisation of both new and existing industrial gas plants.

While we are not growing rapidly, we are growing steadily. We’re not looking for short-term effects, but for long-term success

Its portion of investment in China aimed to increase the divestment of its existing business model throughout the North Pacific rim, as 2015 saw Messer complete the construction of three new carbon dioxide (CO2) production facilities and a new specialty gases plant.

Dr. Hans-Gerd Wienands, Financial Director of the Messer Group, explained, “Due to the weak steel market, we want to develop long-term, stable partnerships with companies in other industry sectors in China particularly, and in 2015, succeeded in winning important new on-site customers in the copper and electronics industry.”

In Europe, Messer’s investment focus remained on developing distribution channels and expansion projects, largely in Eastern Europe.

Messer constructed its first air separation unit (ASU) in Slovenia as well as second ASUs in both Poland and Serbia. These ventures augment and strengthen its position in the market.

Stefan Messer

Source: Messer

Owner and CEO, Stefan Messer (left), enthused, “The financial figures of our company over the past few years show that, while we are not growing rapidly, we are growing steadily. We’re not looking for short-term effects, but for long-term success.”

“This is why we have invested heavily in the future of company. That applies first and foremost to security of supply. We have now reached a very good level in this regard, and let’s not forget that we owe our company’s growth to our employees. They are the most important factor in our economic success.”

“I am especially pleased about this clear message and the associated commitment to our company. I am convinced that we have the right team in place to continue the same way, now and in the future, that has brought us so far already – our way.”

According to gasworld Business Intelligence, The Messer Group is the second largest player in Eastern Europe, forming approximately 20% of the market.