On the 8th September 2017, Messer held its annual Safety Day at all of its locations around the world.

The focus for this years’ event was on individual responsibility and heightened awareness of potential dangers.

In 2015, the European Industrial Gas Association (EIGA) developed 14 ‘Life-Saving Rules’. These basic rules on how to behave were successively disseminated at Messer, with the aim of creating a higher awareness for early identification of hazards and their sources.

During the event, employees discussed the potential hazards for manufacturers of industrial gases in today’s society. Stefan Messer, Owner and CEO of the Messer Group said that, “The growing threat of terror and civil unrest is omnipresent,” and that he wanted to heighten employees’ awareness of the potential dangers and to support them in taking individual responsibility.

In 2016, Messer also developed a series of brochures ­called the ‘Safety Pocket Guide’, to steadily increase the safety of its customers. In addition to basic knowledge, such as an overview of danger symbols on the shoulders of cylinders, the guide also offers indispensable know-how for handling gases safely and without any risk.