Metal Impact East LLC, a subsidiary of Chicago, US-based Thunderbird Manufacturing LLC, has acquired the Luxfer Holdings PLC aluminum gas cylinders division.

Source: Metal Impact

Metal Impact believes the addition of the manufacturing operations of Luxfer in Graham, North Carolina, as well as its range of products and services, makes it “one of the premier aluminium gas cylinder suppliers to the medical and healthcare industries”.

“As a Thunderbird company, Metal Impact is dedicated to growth - organically and through acquisitions,” said Phil Kretekos, President of Thunderbird, parent company of Metal Impact.

“This addition to our aluminium gas cylinders operations will assure the industries that rely on us that we have the best talent and resources to support the growing demand for our products and services. It also positions us to address individual needs and foster relationships in a timely manner like never before.”

The acquisition will more than double the cylinder capacity and manufacturing footprint of Metal Impact, supporting a more expansive line of cylinders for a broad range of markets, including industrial, food and beverage, fire extinguishing, performance racing, SCUBA, and life support.

Metal Impact is a provider of aluminium and steel impact extrusions and gas cylinders.

“Our commitment to continual improvement ensures we are a dependable, reliable supplier to the industries we serve,” said Kevin Prunsky, Chairman of the Board of Thunderbird.

“With our expanding operations and depth of experience, we have the capacity to support the growing demand for our products and services.

In a Form 8-K filing to notify investors, Luxfer Holdings PLC said, “The divesture is consistent with the company’s February 23, 2021 announcement that it intends to discontinue the majority of its aluminium operations.”