MGS have chosen the Systech Illinois MM510 moisture analyser to measure the moisture and water vapour within their medical grade oxygen.

The electrolytic, phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5) analyser is ideal for this application, conforming to the European Pharmacopoeia standard.

The moisture content in medical oxygen can range from less than 1ppm up to 60ppm, this challenging range can be accommodated by the MM510 which auto-ranges from 0.01 to 1000 ppm. It also offers the option of auto-calibration and incorporates a new, long life, P2O5 electrolytic moisture sensor of the highest quality.

John Hennigan, Compliance Manager at Medical Gas Solutions says, “In my 11 years’ experience involved in the manufacture and quality control of medical gases, the accurate measurement of moisture content has always been a challenge but a necessary requirement, in order to ensure that the medical gases manufactured meet the specification requirements of the relevant European Pharmacopoeia monographs.”

“I have found that the Systech Illinois MM510 moisture analyser is both accurate in its measure of moisture content and is very user friendly, with an ergonomic design and high quality P2O5 electrolytic moisture sensor meaning downtime of the analyser due to servicing is greatly reduced.”

Since 2003, Medical Gas Solutions Ltd (MGS) based in North Wales has been providing medical gases and devices to the Healthcare Industry nationwide. In 2012 the company expanded its product portfolio to include industrial gases.

MGS design and manufacture lightweight, high pressure valve, medical oxygen cylinders for the ambulance service, hospitals, medical centres and other emergency services. In order to provide the highest quality product, MGS follow the stringent requirements outlined in the European Pharmacopoeia standard 2.5.28 which state that there must be no more than 67ppm moisture present in the production of Medical Grade Oxygen. Therefore the measurement and analysis of moisture is essential in detecting and avoiding high levels of moisture contamination.