Michell Instruments has unveiled a new cost-effective quality-control analyser for oxygen generators, the XTP501.

Lightweight and small, the new analyser uses the same thermo-paramagnetic sensor as Michell’s premium XTP601 oxygen analyser range.

Suitable for installation in safe areas, the XTP501 provides highly stable and accurate measurements of oxygen from 500 ppm O2 up to 100% O2.

“The new instrument is compact and easy to install, with an intuitive HMI,” Michell Instruments said in a statement. “This makes setting up, operating and interrogating the instrument quick and simple to carry out.”

“An additional advantage of the interface is that set up and operation can be performed by one person at the installation point: there is no need for a second operator or to make journeys between adjusting the analyser and a control room to check on the results.”

For oxygen purity applications – such as monitoring the quality of gas produced by oxygen generators – the analyser can be set to 20/80/90-100% O2, with an accuracy of ±0.2%.

Other ranges available on the instrument include 0-1% O2 (for continuous blanketing applications) and 0-21/25% O2 (for monitoring batches that cycle between air and inert gases).


Source: Michell Instruments