Group company of Process Sensing Technologies (PST) Michell Instruments (Michell) has launched its multi-channel control unit (MCU), capable of providing up to four independent measurement channels.

Designed to be used with any combination of moisture in gas, liquids, or oxygen concentration, the device enables operators to monitor a range of parameters from multiple hazardous area-installed analysers. 

Suited for any configuration of the Michell Promet I.S, the Michell Liquidew I.S, and Ntron Minox-I, the MCU comes with four 2.8” colour touch-screen LCDs and an easy-to-use interface. 

Source: Michell Instruments

According to Michell, this allows for straightforward set up and control of a range of features and functions including dew point or trace moisture in gases or liquids, in addition to oxygen measurement, directly from the control room. 

The device also displays moisture content in ppm (parts per million), dew point, % oxygen, ppmv, oxygen plus analysis pressure. 

Complete with user configurable digital or analogue outputs, the MCU features alarm status and a choice of ISO or IGT#8 calculations displayed for each channel.