Carbon dioxide (CO2) removal specialist Aker Carbon Capture is teaming up with software giant Microsoft to explore the potential for the scaling-up of carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) opportunities.

Signed through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the agreement will see the partners combining their individual expertise to enable large-scale carbon reduction and create an ecosystem for the voluntary carbon market to ensure ‘high-quality’ carbon credits. 

Commenting on the agreement, Valborg Lundegaard, CEO, Aker, said, “By fully using the digital capabilities and domain expertise of our two companies we can support industrial emitters to take action and accelerate the deployment of carbon capture.” 

Aiming to halve the carbon intensity of its carbon capture solutions by 2030, Aker is driving towards net negative by the same period. 

“The science is clear; we all need to reduce our emissions as much as possible and remove carbon from the atmosphere in order for the world to reach net zero,” declared Darryl Willis, CVP of Energy Industry, Microsoft.

The partnership is the latest in a series of high-profile carbon capture projects explored by Aker over the past year, including Northern Lights, a decarbonisation effort with Viridor, and its Carbon Capture as a Service initiative.