9th - 11th December 2019, Dubai, UAE

gasworld’s MENA Industrial Gas Conference 2017 explored partnerships as a route to success and how sourcing the right supplies, technology and human capital is more important than ever before.

The event explored key trends and opportunities in corporate partnerships, from sourcing and supply partnerships, to geographical collaborations.

Two years on, and the MENA region continues to grow in prominence both economically and for the global gases industry, with a range of applications driving industrial and specialty gas demand. But the region is also arguably more fragmented than it has been for some time, with challenges in trade and logistics at the forefront of the economic and business climate today.

What impact is this having on the gas and equipment business? Where are the new business opportunities? And what are the technology developments that will enable your business to thrive in the MENA markets in the future?

gasworld’s MENA Industrial Gas Conference 2019 will pick up the baton of its 2017 predecessor and explore the business climate of 2019 as well as the partnerships and platforms for tomorrow.

Held at the Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City hotel in Dubai, UAE this December (9-11), the MENA Industrial Gas Conference 2019 will tackle a range of topics through a series of progressive speaker sessions, insightful debate, and engaging networking opportunities.

The event will provide a striking balance between the traditional growth drivers that are thriving in the region, the inescapable megatrends that are driving change the world over, and the complex business environment the region finds itself in.

Between sessions we also provide an exhibition booth programme over the 2+ days, where attendees can visit technology providers to discuss the solutions that will support their company as it responds to these changes and navigates a positive path forward in a region of opportunity.