BJ Tubular Services has announced that it has been awarded a contract by the Roc Oil (Bohai) Company to provide hydraulic hammer conductor-driving services in China, carrying out these services on two offshore platforms in the Zhao Dong Block in Bohai Bay.

The first phase of the programme is scheduled to commence in April, followed by the second phase in September 2008. Each phase will last approximately two weeks, with BJ driving a total of 68 conductors and operations to be supported by BJ Tubular Services’ bases in Singapore and Tanggu - with assistance from the BJ Services base in Beijing.

In addition, BJ is manufacturing and supplying a range of deviated and straight drive shoes that will be used during the operation, with this contract seen as as the start of a potentially blossoming partnership.

Kenny Watt, Division Manager for BJ Tubular Services, commented, $quot;The Roc Oil programme is proceeding on target, with all related services in the Zhao Dong field scheduled for completion by the end of September. We’re confident that in view of our success in conductor-driving and experience Bohai Bay, this will be the beginning of a positive, long-term relationship with Roc Oil.$quot;

An efficient, safe and cost effective technique, BJ uses a state-of-the-art hydraulic pile-driving system known as the S90 Hydrohammer to drive conductors and pipe into the earth, to create a foundation for a new oil or gas well. Designed for use on land or offshore, the highly versatile S90 system can also be used to efficiently drive large piles to construct buildings or bridges.