This morning saw the 34th All India Industrial Gas Manufacturers Association begin. With 350 delegates representing all aspects of the industrial gas sector, the seminar entitled, ‘Growth in Industrial Gases through Application Technology’, looks set to be another AIIGMA triumph.

The 34th Seminar of its kind, held at Dubai’s, The Atlantis The Palm took-off last night with a beachfront pre-registration cocktail evening and cultural dinner. Sponsored by Cryolor Asia Pacific and co-hosted by Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd., the fixture offered an apt opportunity for delegates to congregate before two full days of presentations, exhibitions, technical sessions and hospitality.

This morning’s inauguration was presided over by His Excellency Shri M K Lokesh, the Indian President’s Ambassador, His Excellency Abdullah Ahmed Al Saleh, Ministry of Foreign Trade, Saket Tiku, Vice President of AIIGMA, R S Sachdeva Vice President of AIIGMA and Karan Bhatia, President of AIIGMA. Attendance was strong, with rife discussion into the changes affecting the sector.

Early programme highlights included a surprise presentation from Sanjiv Lamba, Executive Board Member of tier one company, The Linde Group. Entitled, ‘Global gases industry - a journey to the East’, Lamba provided seasoned advice regarding three key megatrends affecting the industry, before discussing ways in which the industry can manage change and maximise opportunity.

He advised, “The world as we know it tomorrow will be very different. In particular we will see change on three horizons; the megatrends of growth markets, clean energy and healthcare.”

He continued, “We estimate that over the next 20 years, up to 2030, we will see a whole new market opening up, the future really does lie here - with €35bn growth in the gas market alone.”

Indeed, Lamba’s presentation emphasised the import of events such as AIIGMA, particularly since Asia will contribute between €18-20bn of global sector growth if industry predictions are correct. But in keeping with the Association’s direct approach, talk moved onto ways in which industry members can facilitate this change and ensure that predictions are met, if not surpassed.

Before breaking for lunch, delegates were called upon to engage in commercial self analysis, Lamba closed, “My challenge to you is will you really be ready for the economic growth? We have no option but to acknowledge that we must handle this but we also need to prioritise issues such as service and safety standards… In our drive and passion to achieve great heights, we are often willing to sacrifice aspects of the industry at large, but I believe there is a place for every player, large and small, in the future markets. What role they play must be something that evolves over time.”

On this apt note delegates adjourned for lunch, before returning for the first technical session. Chaired by Lamba and co-ordinated by Michael Blondin, Director of Global Sales and Marketing for VRV, the first technical insight promises to be in-depth, tackling topics from Clean Energy in LNG transport and terminals, to engineering enhancements in ASU Turbo Expanders.