The New England supplier of speciality gases, cryogenics, MicroBulk and bulk gases, recently expanded its MicroBulk delivery services to include liquid argon capabilities.

Middlesex Gases’ new MicroBulk delivery system replaces high-pressure cylinders and portable liquid containers thus eliminating handling and change-outs with a low-pressure storage tank. Furthermore, the new on-site filling technology operates in less than twenty minutes.

Similarly thanks to the system’s ‘smart’ flow meter and easily to read printouts, users can achieve delivery reports in an instant.

According to the company, the MicroBulk delivery system enables, “assets to be used more efficiently, reduces labour, eliminates empty-for-full exchange and significantly reduces distribution costs.”

Middlesex Gases & Technologies was founded in 1949 and prides itself on supplying a broad range of speciality, industrial and medical gases, alongside welding hard goods and safety equipment.