Midwest AgEnergy Group, the parent company of ethanol biorefinery Blue Flint, has received a $3.4m grant from the North Dakota Industrial Commission to help progress its carbon capture and storage (CCS) project.

The grant will be used to advance the development of a potential carbon storage system at the Blue Flint facility located next to Coal Creek Station near Underwood, North Dakota.

Jeff Zueger, Midwest AgEnergy’s CEO, said, “The support for carbon capture and sequestration from the State of North Dakota is a great next step for the advancement of out project.” 

Progressing on the project, research will now involve drilling a stratigraphic well to examine the geology in the area near the Blue Flint facility. The test well will enable the collection of core samples to be analysed for sustainability to safely store carbon dioxide.

Upon completion of the test well and data analysis, the company will determine if a permanent well should be placed to permanently store carbon dioxide in a deep saline formation.

If the sequestration project is successfully completed, the Blue Flint facility anticipates sequestering all their carbon dioxide, which equates to approximately 200,000 tonnes per year.