MIJA, the Massachusetts-based innovative technology provider, will be launching the next generation of its Critical Alert product line in early 2018.

Critical Alert Oxygen was developed by MIJA, for the medical industry, to simplify oxygen management by transmitting information visually and audibly regarding the contents of the oxygen cylinders. In the short time that Critical Alert Oxygen has been on the market, MIJA has received a tremendous amount of feedback from patients, caregivers, medical personnel, as well as gas distributors about how this technology has improved their daily lives.

To improve the technology further, MIJA wanted to re-design the product so that it could be installed in many of the integrated valves being used in hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities. MIJA therefore designed the ‘Universal’ and ‘ELO’ (Easy Lift Oxygen).

The Universal is a smaller, more compact, version of the Critical Alert Oxygen and it can be used universally on an integrated valve, a conserver, as well as a standard CGA 870 regulator for the post valve. The Universal offers the same red and green lights and audible alarm that customers have come to depend on.

MIJA will offer their own version of an integrated valve outfitted with the Universal technology, called the ELO. This one piece valve will allow the gas distributors to install it directly on an oxygen cylinder.

MIJA’s customers have said that the integrated valve technology assists them with inventory management. The Universal information technology improves inventory management because the customers are utilising more of the contents of their cylinders. The Universal technology delivers important information 24/7 for the patients and caregivers.

The initial launch of the Universal and ELO will be at the GAWDA annual meeting in October.