Mikuni Ekisan is a joint venture, with Uno Sanso of the Koatsu Gas Kogyo Group putting up 60% of the capital and Air Water 40%. The company has finished work on installing a VSU, a highly efficient liquid gas plant with a capacity of 2,000 m3 /h, at their Mikuni plant.

The plant had been under construction in at Techno-Port Fukui located in Sakai, in Fukui Prefecture, Japan. A ceremony was held marking completion of the plant.

The facility was planned as a replacement for an aging 1,000 m3/h capacity liquid gas plant owned by Uno Sanso. They decided to install the VSU, a new small to medium size facility developed and produced by Air Water.

Having storage capacity equivalent to 40 LIN trucks and 25 LO trucks, the production capacity of the newly completed plant is 600 m3 /h for LO and 1,400 m3/h for LIN, making for a total of 2,000 m3/h.

Half of the production will go to Uno Sanso and half to Air Water. For Air Water, this will become its third production base in the area facing the sea of Japan, along with its Niigata plant and Hokuriku Ekisan in Toyama Pref. It will make a major contribution to rationalisation of transportation with backup supply to the Panasonic group, which is one of their customers, and backup supply for the V1 and V3 units. The installation of this VSU marks their third, after the ones installed in Air Water Niigata and NSCC Air Water, as well as it is their first sale to a company other than to an affiliate of their group.

At the commencement of the ceremony, Yoshinori Ogura, president of Mikuni Ekisan, firmly stated his ambitions, noting, "The old plant was one which was transferred to us from the former Nippon Sanso plant in Nagoya. It was used for 26 years just at Uno Sanso alone, and combined with its previous service, it had given good solid service for about half a century. In terms of its burden on the environment and its efficiency, the time had come for a replacement. Having Air Water as our partner, we have now been able to complete a plant which is excellent in terms of insulation, highly efficient, and which has a 10-day-storage capacity. We can now make a contribution in all areas, and I would like to play a role in the development of local industry, taking into consideration safety and product quality first of all."