Miller Electric has introduced ZoneFlow technology to the SWX-ZF weld fume extractor, featuring a capture zone that’s more than three times larger than traditional systems.

The manufacturer of Miller® brand arc welding equipment said an expanded capture zone plays a critical role in an overall cleaner facility, leading to less maintenance and cleaner air throughout the workplace, while also reducing arm interactions for improved productivity.

“We challenged our engineers to respond to a critical customer need for expanded fume extraction coverage,” said Brian Bellile, Product Manager of Environmental. “ZoneFlow was the solution-focused answer that far surpasses anything in the market regarding welding safety and health.”

With a capture distance that’s up to five feet deep and four feet wide — versus the traditional 12 to 18 inches — operators prefer fume extraction equipment with ZoneFlow technology, according to Miller Electric.

Instead of having to constantly adjust the arm to be close to the source — or worse, not adjust it and be exposed to fumes — operators can continue welding, improve productivity and stay protected.

“How does it work? ZoneFlow technology moves clean air out of the arm at approximately a 90-degree angle, creating a large negative pressure zone or curtain that extends the capture distance and funnels weld fume particulate toward the center of the arm to be captured,” the company explained.

Previously only available on the FILTAIR® Capture 5 fume extraction system, ZoneFlow technology has been expanded to the FILTAIR SWX-ZF stationary wall- or column-mounted system and is available in a disposable cleaning filter model.

FILTAIR SWX-S Single ZoneFlow Extraction Arm Short

Source: Miller Electric