As part of its Welding Intelligence™ solutions and in an effort toward continuous improvement, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has expanded its welding information management software to multiple power sources.

Those power sources include the Continuum™ advanced MIG welder, Dynasty® 280 DX TIG welder, PipeWorx 400 welding system, and SubArc Digital series.

Miller Welding Intelligence is a category of active and passive software that transforms data into meaningful insights and actionable information to drive continuous improvements in the welding operation. The focus of these solutions is to help increase productivity, improve quality and manage costs. Solutions are available for new and existing Miller equipment, as well as non-Miller machines, and MIG, TIG, pipe and submerged arc machines are now available with Welding Intelligence solutions.

In addition, the choice is scalable between simple passive systems or more sophisticated active systems. For example, Insight Core™ monitors, collects and rapidly transmits electronic weld data to any Web-connected device, whereas Insight Centerpoint™ is an advanced solution that provides real-time operator feedback and process control. ARCAgent™, from the recent IMPACT Engineering acquisition, allows customers with mixed power source fleets to implement Welding Intelligence solutions on non-Miller machines.

Insight Centerpoint has also been upgraded to Centerpoint 9.0 software. This software offers feature improvements, such as a new Library Manager tool that better organizes weldment drawings and photos, and a more visual dashboard layout with speedometer-style performance indicators. Insight Centerpoint 9.0 also offers a persistent operating system that automatically picks up in sequence where the operator left off, following a power cycle.