Miller Electric Mfg. LLC has introduced its new gas model of its EnPak A30GBW all-in-one power system.

The EnPack A30GBW can decrease truck engine idle time by up to 75%, reducing maintenance and unplanned downtime.

The product is available in diesel and gas models, allowing fleet managers and truck operators to standardise fuel type and/or integrate the power system into the truck’s fuel system – eliminating the need to fill two tanks. 

With Chassis Power, the EnPak A30GBW maintains the power capabilities of a traditional PTO system while the trucks engine is turned off.

Capabilities and additional features of the EnPak A30GBW solution include: a rotary screw compressor that delivers 30 cfm of compressed air on demand, up to 100 amps of DC power for 12/24-volt battery charging at idle, and 210 amps of inverter-based weld power, delivering a smooth, stable arc for MIG, DC TIG and stick welding.

EnPack A30GBW

Source: Miller Electric Mfg. LLC