Miller electric Mg. LLC has introduced its new MDX Series MIG welding guns. The MDX series includes three models: MDX-100, MDX-250, and MDX-250 EZ-Select™.

The guns are all compatible with Miller AccuLock MDX Series consumables. The MDX-250 and MDX-250 EZ-Select guns are also compatible with Bernard AccuLock S consumables.

AccuLock Series consumables add to the performance of the gun, providing a flawless wire feed path. The front-loading liner locks in place and aligns with both the contact tip and power pin to optimise wire feeding.

Both AccuLock Series feature tapered connections between the contact tip, gas diffuser and neck to maximise electrical conductivity for longer product life. 

Error-proof liner trimming, with no measuring required, reduces burnbacks, bird-nesting and erratic arc caused by liners that are too short, minimising downtime for troubleshooting or rework.

Coarse thread on the contact tips speed replacement by mating easily with the gas diffuser and lessens the risk of cross-threading.

Bernard AccuLock S Consumable are an excellent upgrade to increase durability and consumable life when welding with MDX-250 or MDX-250 EZ-Select guns in heavier industrial environments.

miller welding guns

Miller welding guns

Source: Miller Electric Mfg. LLC