Miller Electric Mfg. LCC, manufacturer of Miller® brand arc welding equipment, has announced two new offerings in the respiratory product line-up.

The Supplied Air Respirator (SAR) is lightweight and versatile, with a C50 air regulator that can cool air entering the welding helmet up to 10°C. The SAR can be paired with the new BreatheAir™ Filtration System.

“The Supplied Air Respirator system provides cooling to relieve heat stress and maximise all-day wearability,” said Brain Bellile, Product Manager, Welding Safety & Health, Miller.

“We’re pleased to add these new capabilities to the T94 Series line-up, which is designed to enhance comfort, provide superior visibility and improve productivity in manufacturing and welding operations,” Bellile continued.

When paired with a T94i-R helmet, the SAR system provides the same benefits as the Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) helmet accessory from Miller but with added cooling capabilities.

SAR solutions are ideal for welding in tight spaces, the C50 Air Regulator can be positioned on the welder’s belt to naturally align with body movements. The 360-degree swivel air hose connection alleviates hose coiling to reduce trip hazards for operators. 

The BreatheAir Filtration System can be paired with the SAR system, it is available in stationary and portable options that support either two or four users. The three-stage filtration process converts compressed air into Grade-D breathing air while monitoring for carbon monoxide (CO) during use, ensuring compliance and worker safety.

SAR systems can be used with T94i-R helmets, the Dualtec™ manifold system optimises helmet balance and sound and uses a six-point airflow distribution system to maximise cooling through targeted air placement.

Miller T94 Series helmets also include ClearLight™ Lens Technology, which optimises contract and clarity in welding and light states to enhance visibility and reduce eye strain.