Mitsubishi Power Systems (MHPS), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering (MHIENG) and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company (MGC) have joined forces to conduct research on the recycling carbon dioxide.

The companies were selected by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation to carry out the research from a refinery at Tomakomai City, Hokkaido Japan, where CO2 is captured and stored by an existing demonstration plant.

Together, the companies will collaborate on research activities for carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) in order to produce methanol from captured CO2.

Leader of the consortium MHPS, proposed using captured CO2 to synthesize methanol, which is a key fuel and raw material in a wide range of industries.

The process will combine capture CO2 with hydrogen obtained with as a by-product from refineries or from water electrolysis within the existing CCS facilities.

The scope of the research includes performance assessment of key components of the proposed facilities with relevant technology survey, basic engineering for optimising plant configuration, conducting an economic feasibility and its future outlook.

Now the consortium will conduct a survey project based on the assumption that an additional 20 tonne/day class carbon-recycled methanol synthesis plant will be installed adjacent to the existing CCS facility.

MGC will provide supply chain expertise related to methanol production and synthesis catalysts, as well as process technology for methanol production in cooperation with MHIENG.

MHIENG will leverage its track record of energy performance certificate (EPC) for a number of large-scale methanol plants, while MHPS will deploy its experience with EPC for a variety of business.