MOCON, Inc. and Particle Measuring Systems have joined forces to create a solution for detecting the presence of microbial cells on surfaces much faster than traditional proposals.

The agreement gives Particle Measuring Systems, a US technology company specialising in contamination monitoring, exclusive rights to market MOCON’s GreenLight® technology to pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

The GreenLight system is an automated rapid method for conducting an aerobic plate count which requires no serial dilutions or calculations. Particle Measuring Systems has developed its SurCaptTM Microbial Surface Detection Kit, using GreenLight technology, in order to detect extremely low levels of microbial cells on surfaces faster.

By combining the two, it now provides an all-inclusive, ready-to-use solution which simplifies and accelerates environmental surface testing for biological contamination, whilst reducing the likelihood of sample cross contamination and mishandling by the operator.

Giovanni Scialo, Vice President of Life Sciences for Particle Measuring Systems, stated, “By leveraging GreenLight® technology with our SurCapt™ Microbial Detection Kit, we are providing pharmaceutical companies the objective evidence they are currently missing in a timeframe that enables more effective decision-making. This breakthrough enhances quality assurance throughout the value chain.”