MOCON, Inc., a permeability testing equipment specialist, has teamed up with Cherney Microbiological Services, Ltd., to help food processors rapidly identify food and pharmaceutical spoilage issues.

MOCON’s ground-breaking instruments in its GreenLight® range measures total viable count (TVC) and indicator organisms in bacteria using its oxygen (O2) depletion sensor and automated reader.

The GreenLight detection platform senses O2 during dairy applications and so can dramatically improve production processes and reduce economic impact from spoiled products. As a result, MOCON claims to have reduced testing times by up to 80%.

Typical results are obtained in 1-15 hours, compared to the 48-72 hour testing period required by traditional plate count methods.

Debra Cherney, founder and CEO of Cherney Microbiological Services, explained, “The best way to rapidly identify the cause of shelf life issues is to fuse the latest in measurement capability with rich, analytical expertise. By combining MOCON’s GreenLight technology with Cherney’s three decades of food testing expertise, we will be able to get to the root of the spoilage problem so that the processor can correct it.”

Alan Traylor, Business Manager of Microbial Protection at the US-based business, reinforced, “MOCON’s GreenLight instrumentation not only significantly reduces test times but offers a closer look at spoilage mechanisms. This gives our clients the ability to move rapidly into ‘food detective’ phase.”